Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Director's Cut: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) (Part 1): A Twilit Start

I've been thinking about doing this for a couple of weeks. Now with a bit of free time, I wanted to test out this experiment.

I've had a YouTube channel for a while now and I use it mostly for video game playthroughs and guides. The descriptions for many of these videos is enough to give one an idea of what they're watching. With this Director's Cut, I want to get a deeper look into the game, both on the story and design elements from the creator of the game and my own techniques. This will be indicated by timestamps. Hope you enjoy the video and my thoughts!

0:00 - Wow, surprised it still looks this nice after seven years. The HD capabilities of the Wii U help out!
1:03 - Twilight Princess is in the Majora's Mask cycle now. It has taken the "not bad" position owned by Wind Waker, with Skyward Sword getting the "it sucks" position. Meanwhile, Wind Waker is now in the "I love it!" post while Majora's Mask joins Ocarina of Time as the "Timeless Classic" spot. Zelda fans are so fickle...
1:42 - Let's get it out of the way...I'm not sure about voice acting in The Legend of Zelda. I definitely don't want Link to speak; the silent protagonist (battle cries notwithstanding) just fits him right in terms of you being Link, as Shigeru Miyamoto intended it. As for the other really depends on the voice actors they choose. We'll see if Zelda Wii U brings them along!
3:52 - One of the brats, Colin. I still can't tell if it's a girl or a boy (a boy apparently...).
4:09 - Horse Thief Ilia!
4:59 - There's going to be a lot of Skyward Sword references in these Director's Cut. I appreciate the infinite rolling more than the stamina bar rolling, for example. Still, Skyward Sword improved some of the mechanics that were stagnant by the time Twilight Princess came out.
5:29 - That long shirt makes the crush Ilia look like a midget.
7:20 - Let's be honest...does anyone in Ordon Village really need the shop to exist? You'd think a small community like this would share...Speaking of which...
8:40 - How much does Link get paid for cattle wrangling?

See anything you'd like me to discuss about the video? Post in the comments!