Friday, September 13, 2013

October Goodies

Now normally, I'd have to wait for Halloween to get goodies (shh...adults trick-or-treating isn't creepy...right? Right?) But October provides me with some gaming goodies indeed. First:

You knew I had to get it.

Wind Waker HD. Yes, number one Zelda fan must have collectors edition. Of course, there is the Zelda Wii U bundle, but I'm happy with a Ganondorf figure (sweet!) and a launch Wii U (yes, bought it at launch). As for my plans with replaying this charming but shocking (no spoilers here!) Zelda game, I think I'll give it the Twilight Princess treatment and do a play through. How does 3 Heart Challenge in Hero Mode sound? Oh and Director's Cuts too (don't worry, still got some for Twilight Princess, but hope you're watching the videos uploaded)!

Wind Waker HD launches October 4th, in physical copies while digitally, it launches September 20th. If you can't wait, download it! Anyways, a week after the physical copies of WW HD release, we get...

Pokémon X/Y. As if catching 649 Pokémon wasn't enough (I vote we banish Johto Pokémon with very few exceptions), we're getting brand new ones, customization for characters (and Pokemon!), new gender differences for Pokemon, a revamped type chart (yay, Electric-types cannot get paralyzed and uh...Steel-types lose two resistances (Dark, Ghost) while gaining Super Effective coverage and resistance to another (Fairy), and Mega Evolutions! Of course, this Mega Evo made me happy when revealed:

Mega Blaziken. Obviously the second best starter ever (Pikachu is number 1), the original Fire/Fighting-type showing up the weaklings in Infernape and Emboar and the somewhat overhyped Charizard (who also got a Mega Evolution, but looks like Flygon's distant cousin) with a Mega Evolution, waiting to crack some Poke-skulls with Speed Boost, Flare Blitz, and Hi Jump Kick.

Would have been happy with that, but then Game Freak decided to make me the happiest Pokemon breeder giving my favorite Pokemon a Mega Evolution too!

Mega Garchomp. Your argument is invalid. Your Charizard was always weak. Your Scizor was nothing to begin with. Your Metagross was stupid to even think it could win. Your Infernape would rather eat its own droppings than battle this. Your Keldeo pretends to be a "My Little Pony" when this thing comes out. Garchomp was already the greatest Pokemon ever and now with a Mega Evolution, well...infinity can't contain its greatness.

...Uh...ahem, Pokémon X/Y comes out October 12th (worldwide) for Nintendo 3DS (yes, 2DS is a 3DS). Something tells me this game is going to be big...Anyways, maybe we'll catch each other online!

Just hit the run button, though. Cheers!