Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The United States and Same-Sex Marriage

I was in the process of writing a different post when I heard the news.

The news: The Supreme Court has struck down portions of DOMA. It also declined an appeal to overturn a lower court's ruling in California that Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in the state, is unconstitutional. In short, same-sex couples are allowed federal benefits and same-sex marriage is allowed in California.

I'm happy for this ruling, even if it took the Supreme Court for this to happen. I'm a little peeved that it took so long because the Civil Rights era was back in the 1960s, and even that shouldn't have existed! Civil rights, human rights, should have been equal to all, regardless of gender, race, and even sexual preference. We are all human beings entitled to our own happiness and peace; what does it matter to a person if they don't have the same views as another, so long as it is not trampling on your freedoms? I'm of the mind that if you live your life peacefully and your lifestyle doesn't harm another, live your life the way you want.

This whole ordeal regarding same-sex marriage and sexual attraction should not matter to another. Why? Because a person cannot be another person; you are who you are. Each one of us is an individual, each one of us is entitled to our happiness. And if our happiness is found in another partner, it shouldn't matter to other people if the partner is of the opposite sex or the same sex. What matters is that a human being found his significant other and his family and friends should celebrate this joyous occasion.

Please don't forget the final line of our National Anthem: "Land of the free, Home of the brave." To all those same-sex couples out there: congratulations. You're efforts have paid off and helped remind me that the United States is a country that stands for the freedom of its citizens.