Thursday, June 6, 2013

Introduce Myself!

How does a writer entertain? He uses various methods such as scene, scenario, characters, set pieces....basically anything to keeps the audience engaged. But then the question becomes: how does the writer entertain themselves? Perhaps a blog is the way to get his creative juices flowing.

So just who is this random stranger? I'm just a recent college grad, an English major with a focus in creative writing. After 19 years of school, I'm debating whether to be satisfied with a bachelor's and just search for a career. Then again, there are times where I can't imagine not going to school, like right now, when I'm just searching for a job. I'm not a socially outgoing person, preferring the background and allowing my ears and eyes to take their fill of knowledge to feed my brain. That doesn't mean my tongue isn't sharp! I have my own opinions and beliefs, but the best way to respect one another is to be respectful and understanding of other positions. Oh, and I'm a nerd. A big nerd who wears geek styled glasses in the form of a wooden frame, a collector of playing cards, and of course, the stereotypical video game nut (viva la Nintendo). But this nerd loves Harleys; he loves them so much, he invested in one and enjoys trips along the coastline. If I'm lucky, maybe I can invest in something like a GoPro cam and show my viewpoint!

But there is one certainty of mine: I'm a huge nut for The Legend of Zelda.

D' cute!

Over two decades of Zelda has not stopped me from enjoying this series (except for the DS ones; boring premises in both; don't ask about the CD-i versions, they don't exist). I think they've played a part in forming a basis in my beliefs of the world (perhaps a little too effectively). I see the world in a romanticized viewpoint and that has sometimes hindered my prospects. Still, I can't stop thinking that the world could be a little bit better to each other, right?

So what to write about? I think I practically revealed I'm a little loopy, to say the least. I like video games. I like sports. I like motorcycles. I love to argue. I love to think. I love to read. And of course, I enjoy writing. So, how about this? The blog is titled "On the Whimsical Whims of my Mind," so why not just stick to that theme? The great thing about a blog from a relative nobody looking to make a name for himself is that I'm not restricted to blogging about only one thing; if it catches my fancy, I'll write about it. Heck, this is also be the perfect platform to present short stories or excerpts of what could be a novel. So sit back, relax, and hopefully you'll enjoy the whims of this buzzing mind.

P.S. Hopefully the introduction part was the hardest one!