Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: A Year of Resolutions?

Why hello, new year and readers. To readers, it's been a while, huh? To the new year, what will you bring for us? Oh, my resolutions for the year? Well, they seem feasible:

1. Find my ideal job

College graduate? Check. Career choice? Uh...

A graduates degree is great, but it seems like a English major is expected to be a teacher. At the moment, my job is a substitute, one of those that holds a 30 day emergency permit. This basically means I'm not tied down to a specific pony; verily, I've subbed all manner of classes, from elementary to high school, English to Special Education. So, how do I like the job? Well, it's been a roller coaster, that's for sure. The idea of taking the year to sub was to get a feel for how teaching would be full time. Bless the souls of every teacher that has taught me, for I now fully understand the pains they went through in their attempts to teach 25+ students. Most of the students I've subbed have been great kids, but some days make me wonder if I should even enter a teaching credential program. Some of these students preferred to ask personal questions about my life, thinking a sub would let them get away with not completing their assigned work. Four months in, and I know what's expected in running a classroom: a commanding presence, something a quiet, introverted person needs to work on.

So, do I want to be a teacher? ...Ask at the end of the school year. But for now, I'm still looking in other places. Perhaps a lawyer or a mediator. Maybe public relations or storyboard writer? If I could write full time and get paid for it, I would do be set (and make great use of my creative writing track!). Oh, and I should make it a resolution to write more in my blog! All I know for sure is that I want to my part for this world, however small the difference may be.

2. Be healthy

Broad, but at the same time, it can be misinterpreted as the same old tired resolution. In fact, this resolution does involve being fit, but I do mean it in the broad sense. What I mean by being healthy is by being fit both physically and mentally. First, the physical aspect: I'm not in the best shape. I could lose some weight and get a bit of muscle tone. I thought I was doing an ok job with this during the middle of the previous year. But then the job kicked in and I started making excuses for stopping semi-daily bike rides. If I really want to be fit, maybe I should definitely look into a gym membership. Why would this help? I'm frugal with my expenditures; if I spend on a gym membership, I won't want to let my money go to waste. Or I could just leave the gym membership aside, save my money, and just exercise on my own. Regardless, excuses for not getting physically fit should be kicked in the rear.

A healthy physical form will also help with my other resolutions, but more importantly applies to this broad resolution too. Mentally, I think I'm a little too sick for my own good. Anxiety attacks seem to be more frequent as I concern myself over trivial things. This in turn has lead to more stress, leading to tense muscles and headaches, feelings of worthlessness, and worse of all, allergies. In my stubbornness to try and look out for others, I forget I matter. I'll strive to look out for myself better this year. A happy and healthy person can provide much more for the world he wants to improve.

3. Start dating (or go out more)

Something scared me recently. Adding my birth month, birth day, and birth year revealed a sum of 2014. Oh noes, my final chance at love! *sobs*

Ok, so I only half-believe that. But the truth of the matter is that I don't go out much. I rarely go out to parties and it's been years since I've dated. Though I do enjoy the lone wolf routine, sometimes it gets old...not to mention lonely. Perhaps this has also amounted to a decrease in my health, adding unnecessary stress. By (willingly) going out more often, I can meet new people, increase exposure, and get reacquainted with befriending.

Wow...that sounds so pathetic. I haven't been able to make many friends for the last decade and I haven't dated for five years. Butt kicking into overdrive, I guess. Getting hurt over being rejected? If I didn't care about it for a decade, why should I care now? After all, that's life: unpredictable!

So, that's it for my resolutions. And what about world resolutions? Will the US finally stop considering Kim and Kanye newsworthy? Will the US stop caring about people coming out, due to accepting it as everyday behavior? Will the world stop threatening each other just because of pointless squabbles regarding race, gender, religion, politics, etc? Will gamers stop caring about the supposed console war and return to what matters: gaming? Will we find life out there?

Who knows? Bring it 2014!